Cardiff is now one of the fastest growing economies in the UK and has the highest rate of growth in private sector employment  of all UK core cities. The Cardiff Business Partnership consists of leading employers in the Capital. The mission of the Business Partnership is:

“To represent leading businesses in the Capital of Wales, ensuring that the views of enterprise are at the heart of the development of Cardiff as a competitive business location.”

The Cardiff Business Partnership will outline what the Capital city’s leading businesses see as they key issues facing the capital’s economy. Through its members who represent the city’s biggest employers, the Partnership has the unique ability to go beyond advocacy to action.

The Partnership also serves as a resource of expertise and creative thinking for policy makers, media and others concerned with taking forward the Cardiff and Wales economy. The Partnership will seek to influence policy by presenting the views of leading businesses, sponsoring research, and bringing together experts and leaders in city development issues.

Park Plaza

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“A dynamic Capital city is an essential ingredient of a successful nation. The success of Cardiff is therefore critical to the success of Wales”

John Rhys, Chairman, S.A. Brain